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Accessibility in the Cannabis Industry: Respect for Disabilities Determines Future Success

The cannabis industry is making headlines each day. Business people are thrilled by the wide-spread attention that estimated tax revenues and industry pioneers have been receiving.

As cannabis becomes more comfortable for traditional business investors and operators, a troubling trend emerges:

Patients are no longer the greatest concern.

This is not meant to be a rant against business people that are entering the space, and should not be viewed as a discussion of opportunism. This article is an overview of accessibility in the cannabis community, and how respect and compassion for those with disabilities has propelled the cannabis movement.


Accessibility has been such an important consideration so far, and must not be overlooked as the industry moves forward.

California and Access to Medical Cannabis

“Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities.”



On November 6th, 1996, California voters passed the Compassionate Use Act (Prop 215), establishing protected access to medical cannabis. Accessibility to cannabis was not perfect overnight, but very important groundwork was laid that day.


Now, twenty years later, California voters must decide if the largest and longest-standing medical cannabis jurisdiction (in the world) will also protect recreational use. Due to unprecedented historical support for cannabis, many analysts believe they will.


Legalization in California has been largely a discussion of licensing, taxing, and equal protections and opportunities for those wanting to enter the cannabis industry.

Those who participated in the Prop 215 movement in 1996 had many reasons for doing so, including political freedom and the torment of watching friends hopelessly deteriorate from their fights with HIV/AIDS.

In the 1980s, San Francisco Experienced an Epidemic of Deaths from HIV and AIDS

In the 1980s, San Francisco Experienced an Epidemic of Deaths from HIV and AIDS

There were many, many more factors than just those two driving the need for cannabis medicine in California. This is clearly evident in the language of the CUA, which lists qualifying conditions including any illness for which cannabis provides relief.


By passing this specific language, voters of the largest economical state in America determined that people with disabilities have an inherent right to safe and reliable access to cannabis medicine.

This was in no way a decision driven by business opportunities. It was carried by people who wanted to set a precedent for compassion.

Shifting Cannabis Laws in America

Although there have been hiccups and obstacles with different legislative attempts, there are now twenty-five states with medical cannabis access and an additional sixteen with access to CBD-only medicine (non-psychoactive).


The CBD-only states have passed laws  due to public outcry over epileptic children having to relocate across the country to find relief. Once again, accessibility for patients in need is able to trump lingering social stigma.


In addition to the medical progress happening in America right now, four states have implemented bountiful recreational cannabis industries, and this seems to be what the majority of journalistic publications wants to discuss.


While news regarding industry matters is important, businesses currently fighting for banking privileges must not overlook that the fight for cannabis has always been about access. Most importantly, even for recreational brands, is the need to maintain awareness of the patients who fought for what we have today.

Ways for Businesses to Consider Accessibility

Many successful businesses in the cannabis space have surrounded themselves with compassion and holistic mission statements. We would hope these companies are true to these principals. However, it is up to us as a community to identify and support the brands that truly care about people, and are not just paying a temporary homage to the medical aspects of cannabis.

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How can the community figure out who is walking the walk and not just talking the talk? Here are some practical tips for businesses who want to show their customers they really care about accessibility.

“Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities.”

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar dispensary or an online listing service, it is important to commit to providing accessibility for as many different types of people as possible. Building a comfortable space for people to explore cannabis is necessary, both now and in the future to come.

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Brick-and-mortar retailers are already required to abide by state accessibility laws for business locations. However, those laws are by no means perfect, and are often only held to the minimum requirements. Dispensary owners should be very conscious of how people with conditions involving vision and movement would actually get into the shop.

Yerba Delivery Applies Extra Care for Patients Who Need Special Attention When Accessing Cannabis Medicine

Yerba Delivery Applies Extra Care for Patients Who Need Special Attention When Accessing Cannabis Medicine

Another important note for retailers is keeping resources in place to help an individual who needs immediate accessibility assistance. Delivery services should be extra conscious of this idea, and should make sure that the delivery schedule can account for individuals who need extra attention from a delivering representative.

Sava Delivers Cannabis Across California to Patients Who Are Unable to Access Medicine Locally or Comfortably

Sava Delivers Cannabis Across California to Patients Who Are Unable to Access Medicine Locally or Comfortably

Online platforms are also responsible for creating a space that is accessible to people with disabilities. It is important that everyone is able to perceive, navigate and interact with web technologies, even if it is just a company’s home page.

CannabisReports.com is Consciously Designed So Folks with Visual Impairments Can Easily Absorb and Navigate the Database

CannabisReports.com is Consciously Designed So Folks with Visual Impairments Can Easily Absorb and Navigate the Database

New technologies are constantly being introduced that address the needs of people with “visual, auditory, physical, speech cognitive and neurological disabilities.” Everyone from big databases to small web pages should spend some effort keeping their technology accessible for the largest range of people possible.


Cannabis patients are exposed to many services and environments (like expos and conventions) that are not specific to one brand. These are the defining moments for accessibility in cannabis.

If the event host provides a comfortable setting that considers a variety of disabilities, every company in attendance should strive to offer the same opportunities and services for the many people that make up the cannabis community. Respecting disabilities is precedent that the industry must believe in to be successful even in recreational markets.


Cannabis means so many things to each individual, and has embraced humans in medical, recreational, and spiritual ways. As cannabis becomes more socially acceptable, it is necessary that the excitement of the industry does not overshadow the importance of the people they serve.

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Another Week in the World of Cannabis: May 20th, 2016

Cannabis is emerging from the shadows of prohibition. Every week, there are advancements in many fields related to cannabis. Cannabis Reports will be re-capping the weekly events of the cannabis community and industry, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Huge Win for Veterans Seeking Cannabis

On Thursday, May 19th, Congress granted veterans with the right to discuss cannabis therapy with their VA doctors, provided that medical cannabis is legal in that particular state.


Both the House and the Senate lifted restrictions that prohibit VA doctors from discussing cannabis at all due to its federal illegality. Now, VA doctors can complete all of the state-required recommendation paperwork that is required for to access medical cannabis.

A Mature Cannabis Industry Could Generate $28 Billion in Tax Revenue

According to a new report from the Tax Foundation, a mature cannabis industry could potentially produce up to $28 billion dollars in tax revenue, including $7.5 billion annually for the federal government.

The additional tax revenue would be divided between states and localities that impose business taxes of their own. The calculations considered the entire US adult population consuming cannabis under the same terms as states that are currently recreational.

One of LA’s Largest Delivery Services, Speed Weed, Shuts Down

On Monday, May 16th, the City Attorney of Los Angeles announced that local cannabis delivery service Speed Weed had agreed to shutter its doors and cease all operations by June 6th, 2016.


Since mid-2014, Speed Weed offered a highly sophisticated method of delivering cannabis strains and products throughout the entirety of Los Angeles. The reason behind the closure is voter-approved Proposition D, which prohibits cannabis delivery services from operating distribution centers within city limits.

Mary’s Medicinals Granted Notice of Allowance from Patent Office

Mary’s Medicinals has achieved what few cannabis companies have been able to in this fledgling industry: a patent. Well technically, they received a Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for their transdermal application materials and methods.


The patches in question are 2-inch squares that allow for the body to absorb cannabis-infused gel through the skin.

David Drake to Speak at Entrepreneur Summit

David Drake, founder and CEO of Cannabis Reports, has travelled down to Southern California for the live filming of the Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit. Drake will join over a dozen other experts to discuss the future of the cannabis industry and the best practices that new business owners should look to adopt.


Drake will specifically present on technology and how businesses should remain conscious of their user data, their own supply chain metrics, and how their technology connects them to the world. In a brief overview, Drake promised to cover everything from building a website to complex data storage.

Upcoming Cannabis Events

Facebook-share-image 2

Green Flower Media: Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit – (Online, Free: May 21-22)

Live-streamed to a global audience in real time for FREE, Green Flower’s Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit features the world’s top cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders who will deliver ultra-compelling talks designed to help you start, grow, or scale your cannabis business today.

Whether you’re thinking about entering the industry, you already have a growing business in the space, or you’re an interested investor, this live-streamed online Summit will give you the guidance and direction you need to make your dent in the blossoming cannabis universe.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 8.37.00 AM

Cannaisseur Series Anniversary Dinner – (San Francisco, CA: May 21)

The Cannaisseur Series was created to provide a unique and intimate food focused event that is shared with open, like-minded ‘adult users’ of Medical Cannabis. A place where one can come and enjoy a gourmet meal using seasonal California ingredients paired with intermezzos of cannabis flower, edibles and more.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.17.36 AM

Mary Jane Berlin – (Berlin, Germany: May 27-29)

After more than 11 years, “Mary Jane Berlin” is the largest German Hemp Fair with over 100 national and international exhibitors. Mary Jane Berlin is not only an exhibition, but also a festival. Experience wonderful exhibitors, food booths, live concerts and lectures on therapeutic properties.


Edible Sesh BBQ Cook-Off – (Canoga Park, CA: May 29)

This BBQ Cook-Off will be loads of fun for everyone who wants to experience the community behind cannabis. General admission tickets start at $11 so everyone can participate.

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Walgreens Publishes Article on Medical Cannabis, Encourages Patients to Explore the Benefits

Walgreens has published a brief guide encouraging patients to consider medical cannabis. This is one of the first instances in which a major national brand has openly discussed cannabis in a medically beneficial light.


The guide, “What is Medical Marijuana? Clarifying Clinical Cannabis” was written by Dahlia Sultan, PharmD (Community Pharmacy Residents-Walgreens, University of Illinois at Chicago). Published on the Walgreens Stay Well blog, cannabis has found a welcome friend in the 35th largest U.S.-based company (Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc: Fortune, 2015).


Sultan’s article does a good job of taking a well-rounded approach to the sensitive subject of cannabis. By providing quality scientific references reinforcing both the positive medical benefits and the federal health warnings, Walgreens has created a wonderful opportunity for a larger group of the public to approach cannabis in a comfortable way.

The general topics of discussion are cannabinoids interacting with endocannabinoid system, the modern medical cannabis debate, and the mounting clinical evidence supporting effective therapeutical benefits.


The article ends by encouraging readers to pursue a medical cannabis recommendation, and to at least discuss the subject with a licensed healthcare provider.

Dr. Hergenrather (2015 ASA Medical Practitioner of the Year) Speaking at Sharefax in California

Dr. Hergenrather (2015 ASA Medical Practitioner of the Year) Speaking at ShareFax in California

Much of the information presented by Walgreens is available on Cannabis Reports. Patients and researchers can review over 400 different studies, all organized by medical condition and disease by Uwe Blesching, PhD.


Cannabis Reports also offers patients tools to personalize their cannabis experience and discover the products that fit their needs. The Cannabis Reports database currently lists over 17,500 individual edibles, extracts, and other infused products.


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