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I've smoked this strain a lot in my teen years, I mean, A LOT, probably one of the strains I smoked the most along with Blueberry. I miss it. One of my favourites (I may biased however), undoubtful worthy of its fame. If you smoke too much it gets you high on unsuspected levels (no9t in a bad way, though).

Couple of things about it: 1. All weeds do this, but I feel it much mroe with Moby DIck, it really depends on your state of mind when you smoke it. i.e. When I smoke it with people, out on the street, talking and having fun, it puts me in a very happy, "high" mood, alas when I smoke it at home, watching videos or doing random shit, it just gets me stoned. 2. I smoked this weed for about a month, and I discovered it is best appreciated with a big glass of Coca-Cola, as stupid as it seems, the combinations leaves a great lemon after-taste (whereas I don't appreciate this strain as lemon-flavoured when smoked) I really think this strain is underrated, and think it is far superior to the various Widows we find nowadays, yet still loses to strains like California Orange (but hey, that's just my opinion).