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Super high cbd of about 20% and low thc content of just around 1%.I got an ACDC pre-roll a few days ago and was saving it for my next time I felt a migraine coming on. This morning i woke up with alot of tension and pain around my eyes. After just a few puffs, I instantly felt the tension ease. It really helped prevent the tension from turning into a full blown migraine.

Lemon Kush is such a delightful strain! This strain even on my worst grumpiest days can cheer me right up. This is the best bud i have smoked to hush my mind and calm my stress. Nice body high with a bit of couch lock.

White Fire OG is a sativa Dominate hybrid.very nicely balanced and fun high!I personally really like this one when i'm having anxiety. If i feel uncomfortable or nervous before a party, this Strain really helps me stay at ease and uplifted.

Cherry pie I felt had a really strong musky tart smell. But the taste was very sweet and floral like a rose! What i really love about this strain is the uplifting and creative spark that quickly over comes me after smoking. It's very calming and balanced.

Galactic jack is my top favorite sativa ever! Great grapefruit smell! If i ever meet someone and they say their having a creative block;This stuff is what to suggest!! So Uplifting! After smoking this stuff, my house mate and i decided to walk to mt.tabor. On the way there we couldn't stop talking about all the many creative ideas that were flowing through our minds. After realizing mt.tabor was w

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