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Genetics Unknown


UCPC: WN69KDPHTH000000000000000


At the beginning just a great high ... after the 5th head can be also a devastating couchlock ...^^ I switched the lights on 12/12 after just 5 days of veg ... But they streched about 300 % so at the end they were at 50-60 cm.10/10 fem Seeds cracked after 1-2 days.The Yield was unbelievable.I have given them nutrients about every second day(a bit lower conc. as recomm.)I was suprised , too , but they were healthy all the time :) Another advantage i got was the fact that i had cold and fresh air condition so that i was able to put the 400 w just 10 cm to the top of the plantz.That was possible about 3 weeks before harvest without damaging any of the plantz(no cooltube^^).So I got enormous lumenpower and at least 350 g.I used a 0,8 m² homebox and as i mentioned a 400 w ndl.(6,5 l , Plagron Grow Mix ,HesiNutrients,akf+400m³/h etc...)