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UCPC: HJKDDGZVER000000000000000


One of the BEST strains I have EVER SMOKED. I have a high tolerance but one bowlio in the morn' gets it going for SURE. HIGHLY recommend. Intense, psychedelic trip-like experience. Strong, intense body stone as well as mind twister. NO anxiety or paranoia. Great for all times of day. Only drawback - cotton mouth at first, but not too bad. CANNOT hide obvious eyes even with best redness relief drops. Major eye pressure/hooding. Feels SO GOOD, but not good for trying to be professional. True A++ medicinal grade dank.

Crystal Ship from Purple Cross Seattle, WA, USA April,2010 Small, tight nugs that didn't look particularly impressive. When ground it becomes obvious that inside is very crystally, and the grind sticks together in small clumps. Nug is soft when ground, packs together easily to form tight clumps, sticks to fingers easily so use a card to transfer it, and roll it gently to not overpack a joint. Smell is strong, reminiscent of lemon pinesol in a good way, sharp and spicy. Smooth taste, piney aftertaste, very delicious. This strain is a nice mind twister.