Reviews for AK-47

needed something to help do a 3/5 hours set this did the job. Not the greatest tasting but smooth. Recommended for concentrating on stuff.

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I've smoked this strain a lot in my teen years, I mean, A LOT, probably one of the strains I smoked the most along with Blueberry. I miss it. One of my favourites (I may biased however), undoubtful worthy of its fame. If you smoke too much it gets you high on unsuspected levels (no9t in a bad way, though).

I've had migraines since I was 5 years old... AK47 is more powerful than my prescription, and easier on the body. My migraines dissipate within minutes of relaxing with good ol' AK.

Now I've been smoking for about 10 years so kind of new but pretty well experienced.. I smoke 2-3 grams daily to myself. I'm telling you this so u have an idea of my consumption and maybe can relate. So these where my personal opionions about this...... This bud does get alot of resin half way thru. Don't roll too much or too tight!