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Sour Queen

Cannabis Strain from an Unknown Breeder

Parental Lineage

Genetics Unknown

Universal Cannabis Product Code

UCPC: 9XVU7VZYML000000000000000

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Got this recently at first its great nice little pep high,then mellow ,45 min max 2 hits.But what i notice after a week of smoking this its not the same, kinda wears off faster ,so time to switch up.Id say not the best but always nice to have anyways ,you can Function on this strain , Sour Queen,grab some enjoy :__)

Strong psychoactive properties. You'll find yourself drifting in and out of consciousness. Smoked after dinner and felt as though I hadn't ate all day immediately following smoking. It had my friend stopping at green lights. Do not operate heavy machinery on this one. One of if not the strongest strains I've smoked. Grown organically by a friend and had some people insist it was laced, that's how strong it is.

One of the strongest strains I have ever experienced. Narcotic, mind and body numbing buzz from this one. Great for migraines and joint pain. This strain will make you hungery regardless if you ate a full meal or not right before. It almost makes you feel like you had an insulin drop after ingestion. Complete and utter disorientation from this one. You'll find yourself staring off into space.